DePetalos is a company located in Stamford, Conneticut which aims to help people identify their feelings, by designing and creating unique surprise gifts. We offer you options that fit different occasions, budget and preferences.

We are a couple of young people who decided to merge our knowledge and skills, to create a brand that helps make people happy.


Juanita psychologist by profession, Cristian web and graphic designer, driven by our relationship history and seeing the few original options in the area to give as a gift we decided to start helping people to surprise and be closer to their loved ones, since either on special days or simply, because why not!


In DePetalos we know the importance of choosing the perfect gift and how difficult it can be for reasons of time, that's why we offer you the best gifts at home, we make it ourselves and we take care of the sorrows to whom you most love, instead of work, study or home, we assure you that they will never forget it.


Remember that you must schedule your surprise at least 24 hours in advance. In DePetalos we receive orders every day.