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Super Dad

This incredible option is full of love, so that you remember Dad on this special day how much you love him and how important he is to you. It will be totally personalized. 


  • 1 Liquor bottle (pick your dad’s favorite bottle). 

  • 2 Beer nuts. 

  • 1 Nutella with Breadsticks. 

  • 1 Pringles. 

  • 1 M&m’s. 

  • 1 Snickers bar.  

  • 6 Ferrero Rocher. 

  • Card with photo and personalized message.  

  • 4 Small photos with dad. 

  • Round Decorated box. 

  • 2 Small latex balloons. 

  • 3 latex balloons filled with helium. (Or you can choose any foil balloon that we have available).  


*Send photo for the card to with the invoice number as the subject.

Super Dad

Box Decoration